A Chemical Peel Can Help Improve the Appearance of Minor Dermal Defects

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Minor dermal defects, such as acne, acne scars, liver spots, fine lines, freckles, irregular skin pigmentation, and rough skin or scaly skin can have an adverse effect on your self-image. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you should consider scheduling a consultation at Dr. Mohammad Banki’s cosmetic surgery clinic.   

During this simple outpatient appointment he can assess the nature and severity of the dermal aberrations and help you understand the most effective method for improving the appearance of your skin. This might involve administering a chemical peel, to minimize certain physical defects.

The treatment uses a specially formulated chemical solution to improve skin tone, address facial features, or to improve minor dermal defects on your neck and hands.

A chemical peel might be counter-indicated if you have a personal history of abnormal skin scarring, irregular pigmentation, or warts on your face. This could also apply if you’ve had certain acne treatments performed in the last year.

Dr. Mohammad Banki will go over these factors and potential risks during your initial consultation and he will present you with alternative treatment options.

If you live in the Warwick, Rhode Island, area and you have aberrations in your skin tone that you would like addressed, you should call 401.732.1440 to set up a consultation appointment at Artistic Contours.