A Deviated Septum Might Require Endo Rhinoplasty

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The human nose includes several structures and components that play a variety of roles in helping you breathe and make certain spoken sounds while also providing you with a sense of smell and taste.

Structural issues can gradually develop as you age or result from a maxillofacial injury. In some of these cases complications from something like a deviated septum can have an impact on your quality of life and could also contribute complications with other medical conditions.

If you have been having a problem with your nose, you should consider setting up an appointment with Dr. Mohammad Banki and the staff at Artistic Contours. After a basic examination our doctor can help you understand your possible treatment options.

In a case where your nasal structure has been significantly compromised, Dr. Banki might recommend an endo rhinoplasty procedure. The outpatient treatment is designed to improve the passage of air and can also cosmetically enhance the appearance of your nose.

Our surgeon will provide you with specific preparation aftercare instructions, which might also include prescription anti-inflammatory or pain medication to help maintain your comfort while the treated nasal tissues heal.

If you live in the area around Warwick, Rhode Island, or North Attleboro, Massachusetts, and you have structural issues with your nose or a deviated septum, you should call 401.732.1440 to set up a rhinoplasty consultation at Artistic Contours.