Are You Ready to Change Your Life With a Breast Augmentation?

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Having a figure which you can be proud of can potentially boost your self-image and can transform your life relatively quickly. No wonder a breast enlargement procedure is one of the most popular surgeries our clients ask for to create a new lease on life. Improving the shape and size of your breasts can bring about increased confidence and satisfaction.

At Artistic Contours in Warwick, RI, we have witnessed the successful results firsthand the benefits this procedure has given our clients. Let’s take a look at what a breast augmentation has to offer you:

An hourglass and symmetrical figure: this is created during outpatient surgery under general anesthesia. The beauty of this procedure allows you to avoid hospitalization saving you not only time but money as well.

Bigger, firmer breasts: with our breast implants you can have an ultra-feminine contour from proven successful manufacturers, depending on your unique needs.

Recovery from having lost weight or post-pregnancy: our implants can help realign your figure to give you the shape you desire.

Are you ready to transform your self-esteem with a breast augmentation procedure? If you are ready to speak with our cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Mohammad Banki or Dr. Frank Paletta, about the possibilities, we invite you to call 401.732.1440 and schedule your consultation. Together we will help you restore your self-confidence!