Breast Lift Surgery Requires Careful Preparation and Thoughtful Recovery Measures

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Every year, breast lifts increase in popularity for women who want to improve the profile and shape of their bust line without the use of breast implants, or other augment surgeries. This surgical treatment involves removing a moderate amount of skin and excess breast tissues to effectively tighten the breasts and raise the profile of the bust.

Careful preparation and thoughtful recovery measure are essential for a speedy recovery after a breast lift. It’s best to take at least a full week off from work any other strenuous activities after the surgery. Make sure to let the staff at Artistic Contours know about any medical conditions or medications that might increase your bleeding risk. You might also need to stop taking aspirin or certain anti-inflammatory medications before and after the breast reduction surgery.

You will need also need to abstain from eating or drinking after midnight during the evening before the surgery. It will help to wear loose fitting clothes on the day of the breast lift to make it easier to move and get dressed afterward.

The surgery requires full sedation. Afterward, you will need to have a friend or family member drive you home. It would also be helpful to have someone to lend a hand for a few days after the breast lift, so you can focus on rest and recovery. A small drainage tube might be placed under your skin to help release any minor post-operative bleeding. Dr. Mohammad Banki will explain to you how to properly care for it.

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