Having a prominent, confident feminine figure can be extremely powerful for a woman. However, many women are dissatisfied with their figure. In addition to facial, leg, and abdomen cosmetic surgery, Dr. Mo Banki and Dr. Frank Paletta of Artistic Contours are pleased to offer cosmetic surgery for breasts in Warwick, Rhode Island. Having full, firm, shaped, and proportioned breasts can help a woman increase her self-confidence. We welcome you to contact our office at 401.732.1440 for more information, and to learn whether any of our breast treatments are right for you.

A woman’s figure can have a big impact on her self-esteem, general confidence, and overall attractiveness. At our practice, we want every woman to feel comfortable with her body shape, and we are pleased to offer a variety of cosmetic surgeries to help you get there, including cosmetic surgery for breasts.

Cosmetic breast surgery often includes breast enlargement or a breast lift. Often times, these and other treatments are combined to achieve the best results. While some may argue that women simply get surgery to make their beasts bigger and thus more prominent, there are many who could benefit from breast surgery simply to restore the youthful and firm look that has dissolved over time. Factors such as age, injury or breast cancer, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and weight fluctuation can cause your breasts to change. When this happens, a woman can feel like her body is not the same.

Our dentist works with each patient on a personal level to help her know which treatments would be most beneficial for her situation and goals. No matter the reason for your cosmetic breast surgery, we are here to help you feel comfortable and confident in your figure once again. Come visit or call our office for more treatment details!

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