A brow lift, sometimes called a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure the focuses on reducing wrinkles and improving the overall appearance of your forehead. Time and aging will often bring lose and sagging skin. As your forehead skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles begin to form and your eyebrows can lower into an almost constantly sad, angry, or tired look.

To help maintain a more youthful appearance you may choose to have a brow lift. This procedure may improve your appearance by:

  • Reducing lines and wrinkles that form across the forehead, along the bridge of the nose, and between the eyes.
  • Diminishing frown lines that form between the eyebrows.
  • Lifting eyebrows that have sagged out of their natural position.

At your cosmetic consult our team will examine your condition, review your health history, take photographs, and review treatment options to ensure you are most comfortable.

Our team will also help guide you through pre- and post-operative instructions so that you may receive the best results with as little side effects as possible.

Dr. Mo Banki and Dr. Frank Paletta of Artistic Contours are pleased to offer brow lifts to assist in restoring your radiant, youthful appearance. We invite you to learn whether a brow lift is right for you by scheduling your cosmetic consult with the Artistic Contours team.

To learn more about this procedure from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery please visit: AACS

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