A Forehead Lift Can Improve a Sagging Brow and Other Features

The human face comes equipped with a vast number of facial muscles and connective tissues. Some play a physical role in the functions of your face and jaw, while others are primarily tasked with helping you make facial expressions. While you might not always think about it, your forehead and... Read more »

Breast Cancer Screening Is Critical for Early Diagnosis

Performing a breast self-examination once each month plays an important role in catching any aberrations before they can develop into a more serious condition. While the self-exam is primarily intended to catch early signs of breast cancer, it can also help with the early detection of breast cysts and other... Read more »

A Facelift Can Help Rejuvenate Your Youthful Appearance

Wrinkles, sagging skin and lines on your face are an often unfortunate yet natural result of growing older. While a variety of factors can contribute to an aging appearance, primary causes of the skin aging are often related to decreased exfoliation at the surface layers of your skin as well... Read more »

A Mommy Makeover Can Restore Much of Your Pre-Pregnancy Appearance

Bearing children can cause significant changes to your body as well as your lifestyle. Many women who have had one or more children will notice long-term increases in their body fat, sagging breasts, loose abdominal skin and other changes in their appearance. Once you are done having children, you may... Read more »

A Deviated Septum Might Require Endo Rhinoplasty

The human nose includes several structures and components that play a variety of roles in helping you breathe and make certain spoken sounds while also providing you with a sense of smell and taste. Structural issues can gradually develop as you age or result from a maxillofacial injury. In some... Read more »

CoolSculpting® Can Help Target Fat Deposits Noninvasively

As you grow older your body undergoes a wide range of changes, which includes a slowing metabolism, and a potential decrease in overall muscle mass. When combined with certain diet and lifestyle factors, the aging process can easily cause fat deposits to build up in specific parts of the body.... Read more »

RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler Can Help Improve Signs of Skin Aging

Youthful skin relies on the natural processes of exfoliation to both replenish old skin cells as well as boost collagen production in the deeper layers of the dermis. As the years go by these processes start to slow causing your skin to lose its youthful tone and elasticity. There are... Read more »

Diminished Facial Features Might Be Address by Juvéderm Injections

As you age your skin’s natural process of exfoliation slows. The reduced rate of skin cell replacement and decreased collagen production can lead to a loss of elasticity, which promotes fine lines and wrinkles. Over time this process of skin aging can cause your facial features to soften and sag,... Read more »

A Brow and Forehead Lift Can Improve the Appearance of Your Forehead

As you age the skin on your face can start to lose some of its youthful elasticity. As it progresses your brow can start to sag, and wrinkles can start to develop and deepen on the forehead.   Many people looking to address an issue like this will turn to... Read more »

A Chemical Peel Can Address Cosmetic Imperfections on Your Face

Time, diet and sun exposure can all have a significant impact on the health and appearance of skin. These factors can often cause significant changes in your facial skin. As these dermal defects continue to develop it can affect your self-image and your self-confidence. Here at Artistic Contours Cosmetic Surgery... Read more »