Hyaluronic Acid Can Be Safely Used as a Dermal Filler

The natural processes of aging can affect the body in a variety of ways. This can potentially cause parts of your hands and face to look sallow in appearance. Significant changes in body composition, such as significant weight loss and certain medical issues, can accentuate these changes. If you are... Read more »

Rhinoplasty Can Be Used to Correct a Structural Problem with Your Nose

Structural issues with your nose can affect the septum, nostril structure, or other physical elements. This can leave you with an impaired passage of breath and potential cosmetic problems that leave you feeling self-conscious.   This could be related to genetic factors, changes in facial structure as you age, or... Read more »

Professional Treatment Might Be Needed for Wart Removal

Warts are typically caused by a dermal virus that can be contracted in a variety of different ways. Sometimes they are more prevalent in the hands of children, yet someone of any age can contract and develop a wart. The virus promotes the body to create a concentrated area of... Read more »

A Chemical Peel Can Help Address Minor Dermal Defects

Minor dermal defects such as acne scars, liver spots, fine lines, freckles, dark spots, and minor physical scars can alter the appearance of your face. This can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance and hamper your sense of self-confidence. If you feel this way, you might want to consider... Read more »

A Chemical Peel Can Help Improve the Appearance of Minor Dermal Defects

Minor dermal defects, such as acne, acne scars, liver spots, fine lines, freckles, irregular skin pigmentation, and rough skin or scaly skin can have an adverse effect on your self-image. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you should consider scheduling a consultation at Dr. Mohammad Banki’s cosmetic... Read more »

Some Warts Require Professional Removal

Warts are typically caused by a dermal virus that causes an excess buildup of keratin in a localized area of skin. Most warts are gradually reabsorbed by the body after the immune system has mitigated the presence of the dermal virus. However, this can be a long process. Which can... Read more »

What Can A Facelift Do For You?

Do you wish you could improve the look of your face? Do you experience sagging skin around your face or neck you wish would go away? If so, you are not alone. That is why many people turn to having a facelift to correct these issues.   A facelift is... Read more »

Signs of Skin Aging Start to Appear as Exfoliation Slows

Your body has the natural ability to replace or replenish most of its cells. In the case of the skin, the process of exfoliation causes dermal cells to gradually be replaced while collagen is produced in the deeper layers of the dermis. In your younger years, this process is vigorous... Read more »

An Abdominoplasty Treatment Can Address Loose Skin After a Significant Change in Body Composition

Weight gain, pregnancy, and other lifestyle factors can cause significant changes in your body composition. This can cause excess fat to build up in your abdominal region. Even after putting in the hard work to lose weight and transform your appearance, you might still be left with excess skin on... Read more »

Quality Preparation and Aftercare Is Essential for a Fast Recovery After a Breast Lift

Breast lifts continue to grow in popularity each year for women who would like to restore the youthful appearance of their breasts without the use of artificial breast implants. Here at Artistic Contours our cosmetic surgeons can perform a breast lift in a single outpatient surgery. The treatment involves removing... Read more »