Professional Treatment Might Be Needed for Wart Removal

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Warts are typically caused by a dermal virus that can be contracted in a variety of different ways. Sometimes they are more prevalent in the hands of children, yet someone of any age can contract and develop a wart.

The virus promotes the body to create a concentrated area of hard keratin. This is the same substance found in your hair and fingernails. In most of these cases, the body’s own immune system will eventually defeat the wart and your body

Yet this can take a significant amount of time, potentially even months before the total physical presence of the wart vanishes. If the wart is on a highly visible part of your body like the face or hands, it can have a negative impact on your self-image.

While there are several different types of self-removal wart kits sold in stores, many have dubious claims on efficiency. Some of these products can also cause complications with skin damage, infection, and significant post-treatment scarring.

If you have a highly visible wart that you would like removed, the wisest option is to set up a consultation appointment at Dr. Mohammad Banki’s cosmetic surgery clinic. This appointment will include an accurate diagnose of the problem, before he recommends the most effective method for removing the wart.  

This might include cryotherapy to freeze the wart, or removing it with electrosurgery, or a cantharidin treatment. A very large wart in a sensitive location might require Dr. Mohammad Banki might recommend excising it with a scalpel.

If you are in the Warwick, Rhode Island, area and you have an unappealing wart on a visible part of your body, you should call 401.732.1440 to set up a consultation appointment at Artistic Contours.