Rhinoplasty Can Be Used to Correct a Structural Problem with Your Nose

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Structural issues with your nose can affect the septum, nostril structure, or other physical elements. This can leave you with an impaired passage of breath and potential cosmetic problems that leave you feeling self-conscious.


This could be related to genetic factors, changes in facial structure as you age, or a broken nose that went untreated.


In a situation like this, an appointment with Dr. Mohammad Banki can help to assess the severity of the imperfections and potential deviations with your nose. Once this is complete he can help you understand the effective surgical treatment to correct the problem.

With many cases of compromised nasal structure, Dr. Mohammad Banki will often recommend open or closed rhinoplasty. Not only can this improve the passage of air while also providing you with a more aesthetically pleasing nasal profile.


You will likely need to be deeply sedated during the rhinoplasty. Afterward, someone will need to drive you home while the sedative effect dissipates.


Dr. Mohammad Banki will provide you with specific aftercare instructions. This might also include prescription anti-inflammatory or pain medication to help maintain your comfort while the altered tissues heal.

If you live in the Warwick, Rhode Island, area and you have structural issues with your nose that needs to be corrected you should call 401.732.1440 to set up a rhinoplasty consultation at Artistic Contours.