Sunblock Is Still Important in Late Summer and Autumn

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As the summer season starts to fade the rays of light coming from the sun start to fade in strength. This can decrease the amount of tan you experience when you’re outside. However, you shouldn’t let the decreased intensity of the sun lull you into forgoing the use of an appropriate sunblock.

When the sun’s rays contact unprotected human skin several natural processes result. This includes increased melanin production as well as increased Vitamin D production.

At the same time, the cellular function of your skin cells can also be affected by sun exposure. This could cause a sunburn, decreased exfoliation, and increased appearance of skin aging on exposed parts of your body.

Even with the waning strength of the sun it is wise to to apply a high SPF sunblock like the one’s available at Dr. Banki and Dr. Paletta’s clinic in Warwick, Rhode Island. If you are having trouble determining the right SPF for your complexion, you can schedule a consultation appointment.

Our cosmetic surgeons can help you find the right SPF needed to preserve the health and appearance of your skin. This might also include using an antioxidant sunblock to help nourish your skin.

If you are in the Warwick, Rhode Island, area and you need help finding a quality sunblock that matches your complexion, you can always call 401.732.1440 to set up a consultation with the skincare specialists at Artistic Contours.