A Chemical Peel Can Address Cosmetic Imperfections on Your Face

Time, diet and sun exposure can all have a significant impact on the health and appearance of skin. These factors can often cause significant changes in your facial skin. As these dermal defects continue to develop it can affect your self-image and your self-confidence. Here at Artistic Contours Cosmetic Surgery Center our Dr. Mo Banki and Dr. Frank Paletta offer... read more »

A Chemical Peel Can Help Address Minor Dermal Defects

Minor dermal defects such as acne scars, liver spots, fine lines, freckles, dark spots, and minor physical scars can alter the appearance of your face. This can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance and hamper your sense of self-confidence. If you feel this way, you might want to consider scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. Mohammad Banki and his... read more »